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Club History
It all started in the mid-eighties when the owner of Parkhotel Deitrich, Hans Deitrich and his wife Ottilie were invited to play golf while on vacation in Florida. They found it so enjoyable that Mr. Deitrich decided to build his own golf course near Vielbrunn.

Many did not take him for serious but soon thereafter the golf course was finished near Vielbrunn. Many people in the southern part of Hessen who wanted to play golf did not mind the trip into the Odenwald. Golf Club Geierstal paved the way for hundreds of people for a new sport.

As golf is not an inexpensive sport today, golf was a significantly more expensive pleasure in the eighties. To become a member of a golf club, many still had a waiting list during that time, you had to pay not only an annually membership fee but a high initiation fee as well.

Hans Deitrich, owner and president, nature lover and greenkeeper of the Geierstal Golf Club recognized a market niche. He offered beginners in the golf sport an opportunity to play golf for a low membership fee and no initiation fee and even non-members were allowed to try the first attempts to play golf. The demand was so huge by 1988 the Golf Club Geierstal was founded. Due to its low membership fees the club added many new members. The issued membership card allowed each member to play at any golf course in Germany. At its hight by 1995 Golfclub Geierstal had of 2.400 members.

But some of the Golf clubs in the area filed a complaint with the German Golf Verband which resulted in a ruling that a club with only 9 holes could only have a maximum of 700 members. Still to this date the Golf Club Geierstal is one of the least expensive clubs in the southern part of Hessen, nicely located, in a nature preserve without use of any chemical and pesticides or any changes in the landscape.

Yet, it is still attractive for beginners to play in a mixture between a nature park and a “regular” golf course without a club membership. In retrospect the name “Deitrich” still means “the pioneer of the golf sport” for many people in the southern part of Hessen. Golfclub Geierstal was and still is a “slightly different club” without any elite touch. An unchanged natural landscape and nine holes require a highly concentrated game.

The Clubhouse with the office is located in there Parkhotel in the center of Vielbrunn. Many former members won’t forget that the first try at the game were made possible by the Deitrich’s. Because of this many former members still display the old club symbols on there golf bags.

It was Hans Deitrich’s wish to save and maintain a special place for the golf sport with its nature park and animal kingdom. To ensure this for future generations the children and grandchildren have already stepped in Hans Deitrich’s foot steps.